School Camps in Hanmer Springs

We operate a catering business in Hanmer Springs and have
worked with the Forest Camp for the last 8 years.
We specialise in working with groups and schools visiting
Hanmer Springs and can help to make the organisation of
your camp less stressful and more cost effective.

What we do
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What are the advantages of this service?

  • You know exactly what your costs are and you save time.
  • The menus are affordable and we aim to stay within your budget.
  • Potentially a cheaper option overall in comparison with doing your own cooking.
  • No food is wasted / no surplus food to take home.
  • More time to engage with your students and have more fun.
  • Dedicated catering service with a proven track record over eight years.

Rusty Carrot Catering is fully registered with the Ministry for Primary Industries and complies with all the NZFSA regulations.

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